Traveling, Sleeping, Then Waking Up…

I was inspired by a couple Tweets by YouTuber Rikki Poynter, who advocates for the deaf and disabled. In those Tweets, Rikki said that the one thing that she dreaded the most about traveling is having to bring her Sonic Alarm Clock with her on her travels, and then have to go through the button pushing to get to the right minute.

“And then, one little slip screws the whole thing up and you gotta start over,” she said.

A Sonic Boom clock is an alarm clock that is connected to a bed shaker. The bed shaker is then put between the mattress and box spring. At the appointed time, the clock goes off and activates the bed shaker, waking up the sleeping person by shaking the bed.

You can see a variety of Sonic Boom clocks and bed shakers on this page. I have the Sonic Bomb and it can clearly wake up the dead. It’s that powerful. I could be in a deep sleep and still be woken up at the appointed time.

However, when traveling, it’s not really feasible to drag around a clock and bed shaker and have to set it each time you go to a hotel or wherever you are staying at.

This is where having a smart watch comes in handy. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S20 and my watch is a Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch. They work very well together and the watch itself has a great vibrating motor. I rarely miss any calls, texts, or any alerts that come from my phone to my watch and I especially don’t miss the alarms on my watch. It vibrates that well.

All I have to do is use the standard clock app on my phone, set an alarm, and forget it. I keep my watch on my wrist when I go to bed and at the appointed time, the phone will tell my watch to wake me up. The watch app also has the option for “Do Not Disturb” so I am not bothered by calls or texts when I’m sleeping though if I’m expecting a call while I’m sleeping, I do turn off the “Do Not Disturb” option.

Rikki has said in her Tweet that she was once late for a meeting because her watch wouldn’t wake her up. In that case, there are a few travel clocks for the deaf on this page. I’ve bought several devices from Diglo (formerly Harris Communications) in the past and not once have I ever been disappointed with a purchase. However, I do read product reviews before buying something, so make sure you do that before buying something. Every deaf person is different and what may work for one person may not work for another.

Much thanks to Rikki for the inspiration for this post. Go check out her Youtube videos and give her a big thumbs up for her well informative videos, advocating for the deaf and disabled.

And much thanks to Twitter user Ratlennon for her original Tweet that began this discussion in the first place. She tweeted “If I had a dollar for every minute I have ever spent setting up a Sonic Bomb alarm clock, I would have enough money to design a new one that is way fucking better.”

I know the feeling, girl. Especially at the time of the year when we change our clocks from Daylight Saving Time to Standard time. With how the Sonic Boom is set up, you press one button and hold it to begin setting the time, then you press another button that only advances the hours and minutes forward only. It doesn’t go backwards. So with having to change the clock from Daylight Saving Time to Standard time, I had to set the clock 23 hours forward, not one hour back. If I go too fast and pass my current time, I have to do it again. This was the point Rikki was trying to make in her tweet.

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