Benefits Of Being Deaf

While being deaf has its challenges such as making phone calls, sitting in meetings, etc., it also has its benefits. I’ll outline a few below.

Sleeping – When I go to bed, I remove my hearing aid. So I can’t hear a thing. Which allows me to sleep like a baby. 🙂 There could be a raging thunderstorm going on outside and I would not know it. If there are a lot of lightning flashes outside my bedroom window, I might wake up from that. But even then, that doesn’t happen often, especially since I work nights and sleep days.

Especially since I sleep days, being deaf has its advantages there. My neighbor could be cutting the grass right next to my house and I would not hear it 🙂 And as I live on a highway, I get lots of traffic in front of my house and I don’t hear them either as I sleep 🙂

Exempt From Jury Duty – Because I’m deaf, I’m also permanently excused from jury duty. When I got my first jury summons many years ago, I had my doctor write a note to excuse me from jury duty. As a deaf person, there is no way I can follow court proceedings.

Which is just as well because I have no desire to sit in a courtroom for hours watching two sharks in $2000 suits present their case. I don’t think I could do that, even if I was hearing.

Noisy Distractions – Being deaf also allows me to block out any noise around me by turning off my hearing aid. If I want some peace and quiet while reading a book, for example, I can just turn off my hearing aid and read in peace. Or if I’m at a restaurant and there’s a bratty child crying his lungs out because his mom would not let him have ice cream, I can turn off my hearing aid and block that out 🙂

Airplane Boarding – This is one benefit that I feel bad about sometimes. Since I can’t hear my group number being called while waiting to board an airplane, I have to tell the gate attendant that I’m deaf and cannot hear my group number when it’s time to board. So the gate attendant would let me preboard along with the other disabled people. The problem is, I don’t consider myself disabled. I don’t look disabled either. So I got some disapproving looks when boarding my plane going to Los Angeles and back home last month. But nothing I can do about that.

Some airlines would sometimes post the “group number now boarding” on the monitor by the gate. Others don’t. If I do use an airline that posts the group number on the monitor, I’m than happy to wait with the other passengers. But I also have no problem being able to board before everyone else either if I have to 🙂

These benefits are all I can think off right now. I’m sure there’s more that I have not thought off yet. If any other deaf people have other benefits to being deaf, post a comment or send me a message at my Facebook Page.

Until then, stay tuned 🙂



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