Work in Progress

Looks like I’ll go with this current layout for now. It seems to be more mobile friendly than the previous dark blue layout that I once had, which was not mobile friendly.

Tomorrow, I’ll put in a custom header banner, but for now, the gray banner on the top will suffice.

Coming up on Monday – I’ll finally finish writing about my trip to Los Angeles that I took last month. Now that’s procrastination 🙂

Upcoming in the near future – In addition to writing on here, I will do videos as well. I’ll do them on my YouTube account and link them here. Just a matter of doing some practice videos first to make myself comfortable, then when I feel I’m ready, I’ll do the video blogs in addition to writing on here. This will be a bigger project and might take a few weeks at the minimum. I already have the video editing software and know how to use it. I also have a video camera and a tripod. It’s just a matter of being able to present myself on camera, which I’ve never done before.

Stay tuned 🙂


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