Cycling recap & Strava quick review

On June 25th, the Menominee River Century takes place. It’s an annual ride that goes through scenic routes in the Marinette and Menominee area. More info is in the link that I just provided. 

I have not ridden in this ride in years, mainly because of work. This year, I still have to work on the day of the ride, but I decided to do it anyways. I’m just doing the 25 mile route though so I can work then do the ride.

I started training on April 25th and posted my progress on my Facebook. I decided to do a quick recap of my training from my Facebook posts in this post as follows:

April 25th – Day 1 of training for the Menominee River Century: Rode 4.65 miles in 22:58. Doesn’t seem like much, but it’s my first ride of the spring. I’m planning on riding the 25 mile route at the MRC, which is on June 25, exactly 2 months from today.

Just have to keep the motivation to keep riding. Next ride is Thursday. Tomorrow is rest day.

April 27th – Today was supposed to be day 2 of my training for the Menominee River Century. But because of the rain, I went to Planet Fitness, signed up, and rode a stationary bike for 35 minutes (set by my training schedule). According to the computer, I rode 7.1 miles in those 35 minutes. And nothing like a little AC/DC on my iPod to motivate me to keep going until the 35 minutes were up

April 29th –  Day 3 of my training for the Menominee River Century. Went to Planet Fitness again. 5 miles in 23 minutes. Shorter ride than the other day, but a harder workout with an increased level on the stationary bike.

I would rather ride outside, but not at 35 degrees. 

Getting there.

May 2nd –  Day 4 of my training. Shitty weather again. Been raining off and on all week. Still only 40 degrees. Went to Planet Fitness again. Good workout. 35 minutes (7 miles) on the stationary bike and 5 minutes (.25 mile) on the treadmill. 

Getting there. Baby steps.

That recaps the week of training. Now I want to write about an app called Strava. While I have not fully had a chance to really use it, I do like what I’ve seen so far. I needed a riding app for my phone that would sync with my Pebble smart watch. MapMyRide, which was my previous cycling app, was not compatible with my Pebble smart watch. So I looked at apps that would work with Pebble. Strava was one of them.

Even though today (May 3rd) was supposed to be rest day, I decided to give Strava a try for the first time. I mounted my phone on my bike’s handlebar, started Strava on my phone and off I went. As soon as I started Strava on my phone, the display popped up on my Pebble smart watch automatically. I loved that because about a minute into the ride, the phone screen went to sleep because it wasn’t being used, but the app kept running in the background. My Pebble smart watch still displayed the data on it. The speed, mileage, and time of the ride. All there. I loved that. No longer do I have to keep tapping the phone screen to keep it awake. I could set my phone screen to stay on for good, but that poses a security issue. If the phone gets lost or stolen, anyone could get into it because there would be no lock screen to get into.

In addition to that, if I wanted to pause the ride for a break, I can do it right from my watch. A quick click of the button on my watch and the app on the phone is paused 🙂 No more wasting time to enter the lock code on my phone just to pause the ride.

It’s just a matter of determining accuracy on the app. During the test ride on the app, I rode 7/10 of a mile for 4 minutes, which is an average speed of 11.8 mph. I wasn’t trying hard either. I just wanted to do a light ride to test the app. 

Once I get Strava fully figured out, I’ll post a full review on it in the near future. For now, I love the app. 

Stay tuned for future updates as I continue my training for the Menominee River Century 🙂

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