New site – Same old Blog :)

Good morning. If you have found this blog either from my previous site or happened to come across here by accident, welcome and thank you for stopping by. 🙂

Previously, The Deaf Geeky Guy blog was over on Blogger. But I was having several issues with Blogger. Among some of them:

  1. Composing and editing – There were times when I was having issues in composing a journal entry on Blogger on both the desktop and mobile version of Blogger that I got frustrated to the point of not writing journal entries anymore. The page would not load or when it did, it would not respond if I tried clicking on something. Sometimes I would have to reload the page in order to get it to work and I was getting pissed off.
  2. Comments Section – A few people have said to me that they were unable to leave comments on my blog over at Blogger. I tried different settings, but still no comments. I had not written an entry for weeks when someone recently found my blog by accident a couple days ago and tried to make a comment, but couldn’t. Luckily that person told me on Facebook just the other day. I knew that was the last straw and decided to cut all ties with Blogger.

I did some research and decided WordPress was the best way to go. It was just a matter of deciding whether to get a free WordPress page with limited control on what I can do there. Or getting my own domain and have more flexibility on what I want to do with it.

I decided to get my own domain. I found a hosting site, registered the domain, and had WordPress installed on it. With my own website, I can do a whole lot more with it. I can make this site just a blog or a full fledged website. I actually have plans to make it the latter, but for now, I’ll do with the blog.

Back on Blogger, I saved my entire blog and had it imported here. Every post I made on Blogger is also on here for those of you who are new to the party 🙂

I’m still working on figuring out WordPress and I’m also looking at other themes that I can use for this site. The theme that is up now is just temporary until I can find one that I like.

I’m liking WordPress right now, but if WordPress doesn’t work out, no problem. Because I now own this site, I can do what I want with it. If I wanted to, I can remove WordPress and put in another app to host my website such as PHPBB or something else. The sky’s the limit for me here.  DeafGeekyGuy is not going anywhere even if the layout may become different. Websites change their layout all the time and mine will be no different.

Now that I’m back to the blogging world, I’ll resume my writings about my Los Angeles trip that I took last month. I’ll do that on Monday or Tuesday when I’m off work.

Stay tuned 🙂