HR 620 – Do Not Pass!!

A bill called HR 620 has been introduced to Congress. Basically, it makes the current Americans with Disabilities Act act useless. I’ll give you a good example what this proposed bill would do. Under the current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), pretty much all new construction of public buildings must be wheelchair accessible. But under the proposed bill, the new building being constructed DOES NOT have to be wheelchair accessible UNLESS someone files a compliant about it and even then, it may take 6 months, maybe more, to be resolved – if it is ever resolved at all. This is one example of what this proposed bill does to the current ADA. I just cannot comprehend what else it will do to the disabled in the United States of America, who are currently able to be helped by the current Americans with Disabilities Act.

This is NOT acceptable!!! I encourage everyone to contact their Representative in Congress and let him or her know that this bill CANNOT pass.  To find out who your Representative is, go to and input your zip code. Then contact your Representative and make your voice known. Together, we can make a difference!

Thank you!