Why I Write When Advocating For The Deaf

I’ve been asked why I write instead of making videos such as those made by Rikki Poynter and Jessica Flores on YouTube when covering a topic advocating for the deaf.  I’ll list a few reasons.

1) I suck in front of the camera – I don’t have the skills yet to talk to a camera the way Rikki or Jessica could. Both of them are awesome. I did a practice video the other day and when I watched it, I was like, jeepers cripes, this is bad.

I’ll have to do a few dry runs before I can finally post my first video. Then hopefully, I’ll start posting videos.

2) Ease of editing when writing – With videos, it is a time consuming process when editing a video. One has to edit out some bad parts, add in some special effects, transcribe the video to make a subtitle file for closed captions, then add in the closed captions themselves. All of that takes a lot of work. I believe Rikki Poynter has said it can take a few days to edit one video.

When writing, however, all I have to do is type it up (I’m a very fast typist). No idea on my Words Per Minute (WPM), but I can type up an article in no time if I know what I’m writing about and do not have writer’s block. Then I just have to proof it and make corrections. Then I post it. A short article like this one can take me only a half hour or so from a blank slate to the published post.

That makes it convenient for me to post several articles a week whereas with videos, most YouTubers only upload their videos once or twice a week with the editing involved – if they don’t get burned out first.

3) I love to write – Writing is a hobby of mine. I love to write pretty much what’s on my mind. If I have an idea, I’ll put it down. My dream someday is to write a book about something and have it published. If I do that, I just have to decide what is worthy of writing a book.

4) Videos are not the only medium for deaf advocacy – There are also several other blogs out there such as Deafie Bloggger, which is an excellent blog about “about real life barriers, achievements and day to day struggles in a deaf person’s world!”

Deafieblogger is just one blog advocating for the deaf along with several others.  I’ll be putting together a blog roll and put them on the right side of this webpage in the near future.

Artwork is another way to advocate for the deaf. My two favorites right now are those done by Destiny Slater and Carlisle Robinson. Both of them are outstanding in their artwork advocating for the deaf. Check out their work and give them some mad props.

To sum it up, I suck at making a video, I love writing, it’s easy to edit an article compared to editing a video, and there are several mediums in which one can advocate for the deaf. Writing just happens to be my medium.

I hope that answers the question on why I write instead of making videos 🙂

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Until then, stay tuned 🙂

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