New Bike Purchase & May 11 ride

On Wednesday, I went over to the Marinette Cycle Center to look at some road bikes and found one that I liked, but they didn’t have that model in my favorite color, which is black, so it’s on order It’s a Trek flat handlebar road bike. I’m not one to ride bent over on the curved handlebars. My back can’t handle that for a long distance. So I went with the flat handlebar road bike, which should not be too much different from riding my mountain bike, which also has a flat handlebar. I’ll receive the bike on Monday and am looking forward to taking it out.

As for my workout this week, I missed Tuesday’s ride because I had a loose wheel on the bike and didn’t feel like repairing it at the time nor did I feel like going to Planet Fitness for a workout. So I skipped Tuesday’s scheduled workout.

I made up for missing Tuesday’s workout with a harder ride today. I fixed the loose wheel on the bike, then rode 8.5 miles in 39:56 for an average speed of 12.9 mph. I rode from my house near Henes Park to all the way to Red Arrow Park. I stopped at Red Arrow Park for a quick water break. I currently don’t have a water bottle that I can open, drink and close with one hand while in motion. So I took a quick 5 minute break at Red Arrow, then rode home.

And I rode hard too to maintain the 12.9 average speed. If I can do that on a mountain bike, imagine what I can do on a road bike. I’m so looking forward to getting my road bike.

Pictured below is what my Pebble smart watch looks like when paired with the Strava app. Once I started the ride on the app, I didn’t have to touch my phone once and controlled the app from my watch. It was great.

If the weather cooperates on Saturday, I hope to go for a longer, but more leisurely ride. I’m hoping to do 12 miles. Stay tuned. 

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