May 6 Workout

I have not ridden since Tuesday because Wednesday and Friday were my rest days and I wasn’t motivated to ride on Thursday even though the weather was nice. Motivation is still my biggest issue when it comes to my training for the Menominee River Century. 

Even today, I still felt like ass mashing on the couch, but then I thought, “Fuck it, let’s get out there and ride.”

So I hopped on the bike and started riding. There was a nice north wind of about 16 mph, which would make for both an easy ride with the wind and a tough ride against it.

Initially, I decided to just ride a few loops around the 1.25 mile Henes Park trail. But there was just too many mayflies out there and I was getting a nice diet of them. I had to cover my mouth for much of the ride around Henes Park. I was like, fuck it, let’s ride on the road away from the mayflies at Henes Park.

The problem with the Marinette – Menominee area is that there is no bike trails at all. Sure there is Red Arrow and Henes Park, but both bike trails are like a mile or so.

So I just stuck to the bike route on M-35 and US-41. I had a nice wind assisted ride, going from Henes Park to all the way near Veterans Memorial Park in Menominee. I wanted to keep going to Fat Ladies Beach, which was another mile from that point, but I knew I would have a very difficult headwind on the way back, so I turned around before reaching Veteran’s Memorial Park.

The headwind was very brutal. I barely could crack a speed of 10 mph on the return trip. It took me a while to get back to my house, which is near Henes Park. 

At one point in the ride, I had to stop to tie my shoes and paused the Strava Riding app on my phone using my watch. But I forgot to restart the app once I got going again and didn’t realize it until I went about 3/4 of a mile.

Officially, my stats for today’s ride  was 8.3 miles in 43:45. I figure I would add about another 3 minutes for that 3/4 of a mile that I didn’t record. 

Not a bad workout for my longest ride of the season. 

Hopefully the wind will not be too bad the next time I go riding, but even it is, I’ll go out anyways. There is no guarantee that it won’t be windy on the day of the Menominee River Century.

For my next ride, I’m thinking of throwing my bike in my truck and take it to a bike trail somewhere. Hopefully the weather is good on Tuesday.

Getting there.

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